B2C eCommerce
Loot Online is a leading South African based multi-category online
retailer. Through its desktop and mobile websites and applications, Loot Online delivers a
convenient and intuitive online shopping experience, that currently offers 17 million
products across 14 categories: Books; Movies and TV; Games; Music; Computers; Toys;
Baby; Kitchen; Home; Outdoor; DIY; Health and Beauty; Stationery and Office; and Arts and
Crafts. The Loot Online technology platform is bespoke and owned by Loot Online. The platform
has evolved over time to cater for the business’s increased focus on general merchandise
and marketing. The platform incorporates an enterprise resource planning system that
services multiple-warehousing and integrates accounting and merchandising.
The technology platform also handles a large product data set of over 14 million product
records daily, ensuring that all latest price and stock information is displayed on its website
and allows for seamless integration with local and international suppliers Loot Online has
built strong partnerships with business partners.

B2B2C eCommerce
The Group through has access to SMME retailers through IM’s Direct Retail sales unit. These
customers (retailers) are the target market for the B2B2C as these are the ones that will
load their products onto the e-commerce platform. It is our view that taking this digital
solution to our current pool of advertiser will position use greatly.

SCB2B eCommerce
Sagarmatha platform is modelled alongside Sinopec’s Epec e-commerce platform.
Epec currently facilitates trades of over $15 billion revenue annually on its platform, in the
form of commissions on these trades. The World Bank estimates that over USD1 trillion will
be spent over the next 10 years on infrastructure, construction and civil engineering.
This is an opportunity which Sagarmatha platforms can take advantage of by facilitating
trades across industries on the continent.
Supply chain business to business e-commerce is on the increase as technology is now
enabling companies to manage their procurement more efficiently via e-commerce
platforms. Sagarmatha Technologies intends to create highly scalable platforms using
intelligent algorithms to organise businesses according to industries, match and connect
buyers and sellers, and facilitate payments and order fulfilment through integrated fintech
and logistics. Through Loot Online, Sagarmatha Technologies has a B2C E-commerce
platform which is being extended to SCB2B and B2B E-commerce. Sagarmatha intends using
a portion of the proceeds from the Private Placement to hire additional software engineers
to develop data analytics and intelligent algorithms which will allow the Loot Online
platform to match supply and demand, and thereby facilitate trade.