Through 20 popular dedicated digital South African free-to-access news websites. These sites are device
responsive and can be accessed on desktop and on all mobile screen sizes.
They are also available via an app from Apple and Android devices. The site offers general news, premium
content in the areas of business, sport, entertainment, lifestyle, travel and motoring. These include 14
hyperlocal sites on behalf of African Community Media (Pty) Ltd and African Independent on behalf of

Digital media operates 20 dedicated title sites for independent Media (leading newsprint business in South
Africa). For example, The Star newspaper’s website is It is in the process of creating
unique separate sites for those Independent Media titles with larger audiences. It also operates TYI
(, which was launched in 2015, and is dedicated to delivering news to the youth market
It has invested in and developed its own website framework and technology. This framework is very closely
integrated into the digital media’s Content Management System (CMS) and has been developed with a
mobile and user first approach.

Sagarmatha is currently expanding its artificial intelligence (AI) newsfeeds into its application which will
allow consumers to receive feeds according to their unique preferences. The current digital media
applications already contain customised new feeds, however these AI driven applications will be more
advanced greater engagement by the consumer. This will extend to specialised verticals such as fashion
where customers will be directed to the e-commerce business or other sites that meet the consumers
preference if Sagarmatha does not provide that service. AI business content site is also being established
where business can be linked to service providers for specific requirements may it be loans or insurance.