ANA is Africa’s only multimedia content syndication platform.

Its marginal cost-of-content strategy is crafted around strategic media partnerships, with news and media organisations on the African continent. These partnerships enable ANA to package and on-sell authentic African content to news and media organisations across Europe, North America and the BRICS countries.

ANA News Wire

ANA provides its subscribers with a comprehensive source of African and international news. ANA’s strategy is to produce or source and sell African content to international subscribers. ANA has an in-house team of 35 journalists and who cover Africa and create African news stories: Breaking news; Economics and development; Business; Government and Politics; Sport; Youth; Lifestyle.

ANA African Wire

ANA African Wire has agreements with media houses in African countries who provide their news to ANA. ANA either purchases this content or supplies its South African content in return under reciprocity agreements. ANA has media partnerships with 20 media houses including: News Agency of Nigeria; News Agency of Namibia; News Decoder; and PANAPress. ANA is currently concluding additional media partnerships with four other media houses, which includes the Southern African region of the African Union (sport content for 10 sporting codes). These agreements are typically for an initial period of three years that automatically renew for a further three years unless cancelled. All content undergoes a vetting process and thereafter it gets fed directly onto the African Wire.

ANA Global Wire

As with ANA African Wire, ANA Global Wire has agreements with media houses in countries outside Africa who provide their news to ANA. ANA purchases this content and syndicates it to various media houses in South Africa. ANA has agreements with The Washington Post, The Associated Press, Bloomberg, Bang Media, Thompson Reuters, The New York Times and AFP, among others. Contracts with these media houses range from one to three years in duration. News Wire customers subscribe to only that content that they are interested in. News Wire’s pricing model is flexible and tailored to requirements of each subscriber. News Wire does not have any direct competitors in South Africa. International competition comes from Reuters and Bloomberg.

It is an information service that allows businesses, organisations and individuals to share their news releases publicly on the PR Wire website and with targeted audiences. It is a free to access website. Users of the site can view news releases and, once registered, can re-publish news releases at no cost. Registered users can use advanced search and filtering functionality and sign up to receive email notifications. PR Wire also offers its subscribers a media monitoring and reporting service. PR Wire has no direct competitors based in Africa. APO (APO Group – previously the African Press Organisation), which owns and manages a competing service called Africa Wire, is based in ANA PR Wire Switzerland.