ANA Pictures owns and manages a product called Video360 (
Video360 is a video sharing site and app similar in many respects to YouTube Video360 has
a uniquely African feel about it with the focus on African content. IOL uses Video360 plugins.
Video360 generates revenue from the sale of advertising that runs before or after videos
play Video360 went live in September 2017 and showcases daily news stories in video

The website has not been marketed to the public yet as it is being further developed
technically to include a user generated content mechanism that will see video producers
earn a share of revenue from views that we believe will be more preferential than those
earned on competitor platforms. Ana Pics plans to launch Video360 as a plug in offered as a value add to African media houses. This will cement partnership agreements with media houses and, more importantly, increase Sagarmatha reach across the continent. ANA Pics sees growth through
partnerships and acquisitions.

Its future is a play in the over the top (OTT) space with a video on demand service that will be a key offering in Sagarmatha Peak. A new front for growth and expansion is virtual reality, augmented reality and video360. To this end ANA Pics has experimented with partners in South Africa to create a value offering in sectors such as property and motoring. Plans include the development of 360 video software and applications as a value-added offering to African media houses. ANA Pics’ plans include the acquisition of film production companies on the continent for the development of original video and films to differentiate its VOD offering from competitors on the continent.